June Apple Pie

Last year we made a pie from Anna apple, and it was surprisingly decent, and so this late spring we made one from Dorsett Golden apple, which starts to ripen a week after school lets out.  We gave it a definate thumbs-up, as it held together well and kept a bit of spicy tang, better than anything you’ll be getting at Coco’s right now.

We’ve still had a cool spring, but if it heats up in the next couple of weeks we might chop up Dorsett Golden and mix it in with home-made ice cream, which we mix a little cider into.  Apple ice cream might not be on the Baskin-Robbins list, but the flavor is perfect for a early summer evening.


One Response

  1. I just found your site through Dave Wilson’s site and downloaded your apple book. I’ve got a piece of my yard that I just got through clearing out and want to start growing apples as well as other fruit. I live in Santa Barbara.

    I’m anxious to get started but see that bench grafts won’t ship until next February! Is there anything I can do about planting some trees this summer? Or, should I just grow some patience and wait until next February to start my orchard?

    Also, would you say that the climate here in Santa Barbara is close enough to Riverside to have good success with the varieties you have?

    Thanks in advance for your advice.
    Regards, Joe

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