By popular demand we include this photo of one of our low-chill cherries.  This variety is Lapins, which we get a few of every year (need a better pollinator for it).  Our most productive this year was Royal Lee, but I ate them all before getting a photo.  We got a couple dozen off the 2-year old tree, which promises to really ramp up in the next couple of years.

These are sweet cherries, used for fresh eating.  Pie cherries are usually more sour, but I’m tempted to bake these in a pie to see how they do; a nice turnover would also be yummy.  But tonight, it will be blueberry pie!

4 Responses

  1. How was the quality Minnie Royal v Royal Lee.

    Thanx for the pix, your a star.

  2. We didn’t get any Minnie Royal, which exists mainly as a pollinator for Royal Lee. However, their blossoms were two weeks apart, and the Royal Lee ended up getting pollinated more from the Lapins than the Minnie Royal.

  3. Kevin, Just finished the last of my Minnie Royal Cherries this morning. The first of the Royal Lee are just ripening and will be harvested over the next couple of weeks. My trees are 8 years old and each produced several hundred cherries. Quality is very good on both varieties I may even favor Minnie Royal. I keep my trees at 8′ so all work can be done from ground level and trees are easy to net for bird protection. Apricot, Nectarine and Peach are just a just around the corner and the Apple crop this year looks great.

    Keep up the great work.

    Tom Spellman

    • Wonderful Tom; now you just need to bake a pie with them and give us a taste test report I can help you out with this if need be (always willing to help out for the cause 🙂


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