We picked the last of the Florida Prince peaches last weekend.  These early peaches aren’t quite as sweet as the summer ones, but still have a nice peach flavor that makes a good pie, which is exactly what we did with them.  The tree bears extremely heavily each year and needs thinning right when I’m in the thick of grafting, so I never get around to it and we end up with a bunch of golf-ball sized peaches.  It’s a bit weird to bite into a peach before the cherries are ripe, but we take it when we get it here.  We’ve been picking blueberries for about a month now, and Dorsett Golden looks to be a week or two off the kick off the apple season.


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  1. My Dorsetts have a ways to go still, the Anna’s look closer than those. We have also had blueberries for a couple of weeks now, but we have had blackberries for about a month now. Maybe because I am closer to the coast than you the timing is different.

    Looks like my apricot is not giving anything out again this year.

    Fighting aphids on my Pink Lady and I think I have got them all now. Between the fire blight and the aphids, that tree has had it share of issues this spring.

  2. How about some pictures of the low chill cherries?

    I hear that cherry pie is an American delicacy.

  3. An excellent idea Damo; see the next post.

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