Rwanda Apples Update 4/23/10

We received an updated on the Rwanda apple planting from Emmanuel Ndolimana, a pastor there who is administering the shipment we sent.  He reports the trees are doing well, with Dorsett Golden being the top performer (typical for that maniac variety).

He also sent photos of the planting in the Western Province of Rwanda in Gisenyi below Kalisimbi Volcano and in some 20 Km away from the Democratic Republic of Congo border, where his chuch helps a group of widows and orphans.  They all have that look to their face that they’re becoming apple nuts like me (a slippery slope). 

We give praise to God that we’ve been able to be a part of this, as I could have never dreamed up anything like this on my own.

One Response

  1. I imagine that seeing pictures of the apple trees that you grafted growing so well in Rwanda and Zambia is such a blessing. It probably even trumps seeing so many apple trees in the Riverside Schools. Keep up the great work!

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