Orange Blossoms

Orange Blossoms in a Southern California spring day

I think apple blossoms are the prettiest blossom, with their delicate colors and faint sweet aroma.  But I’m afraid orange blossoms are the world champion for aroma, and they’re in full swing here right now.  The fragrance is not so perfumy as it is fruity, kind of a combination between the two that you never get tired of. 

My elderly mother-in-law remembers when the city was carpeted in orange groves, the aroma permiated every home and business and they were in heaven for a month during all the citrus blooms.  I have memories of our family driving out to the groves at night to watch for falling stars, cottontail rabbits hopping in our headlights.  Laying there watching the stars with that smell in the air was sublime.

I get the best of both worlds, with my apple trees starting to bloom accompanied by the fragrance of the neighbor’s big Valencia orange tree’s blossoms.  Add the snow-capped distant mountain peaks, green hills and wildflowers, and the Mockingbird singing all night, and it is definately a Southern California spring.

2 Responses

  1. Do those snow capped mountains keep the area cool at night?

  2. Alas no, if the wind blows in from the desert behind the mountains, the mountain tops are very cold and can make artificial snow at the ski areas because the air cools as it rises. However, as it comes down hill it heats up and we get hot, dry winds.

    However the breeze blowing in from the cool Pacific sometimes cools us down.

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