Tropic Apples Body of Knowledge

When I started researching growing apples in hot climates and the tropics, I found the information very fractured and difficult to find. 

I’ve taken the small step of trying to gather it all in one place at my new webpage, the Tropic Apples Body of Knowledge that contains links to articles, research papers, reports, and a discussion board.  Please drop by to take a gander and say “hi” at


8 Responses

  1. I think this is a great resource. Thanks for compiling it, I hope it continues to grow!

  2. hi, i live in the caribbean and have been experimenting on growing apples from seed. my seedlings grow for about two weeks and then die of root rot . any ideas what is the cause of that and how i can stop it?

    • Yes, you need to use a sterile soil medium, like a commercial seed-starting mix. You could steam your own, but it’s a pain.

      • thanks . also does the fact that my tap water contains chlorine a problem for my apple seedlings

  3. No, it doesn’t bother them a bit; ours is highly chlorinated.

    • I have some miracle-grow potting mix . can i use it to plant my apple seedlings?

      • Yes, that would work fine.

  4. thanks alot

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