Lady Williams

Today is February 1st, which means it’s time to pick Lady Williams, our latest-ripening apple.  Once again they missed all the sunburn and pests and turned out a flawless crop of apples that look like Christmas ornaments on the mostly-bare tree.

Lady Williams was developed in  Australia in 1935,  a Granny Smith offspring that is also a parent of Pink Lady. A pinkish-red apple with a distinctive horizontal white stripe on one side that ripens very late and needs a long hot season. In our climate it ripens around the beginning of February, right after Dorsett Golden and Anna blossom. Will keep until the first summer apples ripen and improves in storage.  It is quite tart until fully ripe, when it developed a nice sweet/tart balance.  So far it has out-produced its offspring Cripp’s Pink (aka Pink Lady) and has been tested very good for Southern California and added to our favorites list.  The skin is tough and the flesh a tad dry, but still much, much better than anything we’re finding in the store right now.

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  1. Kevin, it’s a pleasure to have these apples to look at and read about this time of year.

  2. Thanks Adam; you’ll have to put up with some citrus and avocado posts for a while, as that’s what’s ripening now. I’ll try to keep them interesting until Dorsett Golden ripens. Looks like we might pick some low-chill cherries this year also.

    • Minnie royal and royal lee?

      The just arrived in Australia and i get mine in the middle of 2011 on Gisela 5 rootstock.

  3. PS Would be keen to monitor their progress thru the season.

  4. Yes, Minnie Royal and Royal Lee. Tom Spellman of Dave Wilson nursery brought by a big bag of them from his place last spring, and they were wonderful; big, firm, meaty, sweet, deep red; as good as any Bing we’ve ever had from the store.

    Our tree got burnt last summer and I suspect a shortage of iron leading to chlorosis, as we also had white tips on the apple shoots; we augmented with Ironite this year and I’ll see if that helps.

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