First Apple Blossom

The Dorsett Golden tree budded overnight.  I know this because just yesterday I stripped the rest of the leaves off of it, and nothing was happening.  Today I decided I better cut the scionwood from it, and to my shock there was a dozen branch tips swelling with the unmistakable green of leaf tips (Dorsett Golden sprouts leaves first, then blossoms against the green background). 

I checked the Lady Williams tree, and sure enough, they still aren’t ripe; I figure about another week or two, meaning once again we have apple season overlap.  Speaking of seasons, just a week ago I was whining about needing rain; today the skys have opened up and we’re getting hammered with a warm, steady downpour typical of El Niño storms. 


2 Responses

  1. How do you stop anna overspurring to keep it’s size up?

  2. I prune some of the spurs off in the winter during regular maintenance pruning where I cut off crossing branches, dead stubs, and other dead wood. I prune suckers and other vigorous growth in the summer.

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