Today was the day to dig up the seedling rootstocks I started from seed back in June.  I bud grafted them back in September when they were still only about 3/16″ in diameter, and every single graft took. 

This little guy is a complete apple tree; if you look closely at the top on the left hand side you will see the bud graft.  These were grafted with Anna and Dorsett Golden, and will be refrigerated for a couple weeks and then shipped to the tropics to become starter orchards and supply scionwood for further propagation.  As you can tell they will be cheap to ship, and with no graft to heal and a seedling rootstock pushing it, they should grow like a rocket.  Anna and Dorsett Golden will fruit the second year even on seedling rootstock, and so they will at least get a few apples to whet their tastebuds next year. 

At the same time the first seed from this year’s batch sprouted today, which means I’m able to successfully propagate rootstocks year round in order to ship to tropic countries to hit the start of their rainy season, typically the best time to plant.  

This was a lot of fun to do.

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