Sundowner is the Trademarked marketing name of Cripps’ Red cultivar.  Another Aussie apple, it has a reputation for bearing early and heavily, as seen in the photo above of a scrawny potted tree bearing a nice load of apples.  By early I mean early in its lifetime, as the apples typically hang on the tree well into January, the second to the last to ripen after Pink Lady but before Lady Williams. 

It is a beautiful apple that colors up well, and I expect would attain decent size if I thinned it more heavily.  The flesh is crisp and juicy, sweet, but a bit bland; not nearly attaining the quality of its two relatives, Pink Lady and Lady Williams (there seems to be some unwritten law that the poorer quality the apple, the more heavily and reliably it bears fruit).  But the kids still like it, and like fishing for bluegill, you usually get something every time.  This tree will be moving out to the Belgian fence this spring to fill the space of another tree that was shredded, as it proved itself “unworthy” (it’s the code of survival here on our space-starved lot; produce or else).


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  1. Local variety, totally aewsome. We get 45 degress Clecius and it still grooves on.

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