Pink Lady

Happy New Year!  After months of waiting Pink Lady is starting to drop.  Notorious for being a late-season apple, this Austrailian import has gained a reputation as being impervious to summer heat, and is grown by the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Agricultural Experiment Station and supplied to the hoity-toity resturants and casinos there in Las Vegas.  Las Vegas was once considered the apple graveyard, but the experiment station has proven that apples and other fruit like peaches and plums can be successfully grown in the desert.

Pink Lady (culitvar name Cripp’s Pink)  is a wonderful apple with a good sweet/tart balance that is also half-decent at the store.  The seeds have a curious habit of germinating inside the apple after being in storage a while, and I’ve used them for sprouting my own rootstock.

Over the next month I’ll be picking some of it’s Aussie relatives; Sundowner and Lady Williams.  Let’s hear it for our mates down under!


2 Responses

  1. The spur bearing version “pinkabelle” AKA Pink Belle cv,
    is even lower chill, a little ealrier and just as tasty. or

    • Hmmm…I wonder how long it will take Pinkabelle (sorry Disney) to get across the “pond”?

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