Thornberry™ Crab

I was working on the irrigation today out in the orchard (yes, we have to irrigate sometimes in the winter also) and I ran across this straggler.  I bit into it and it was pink inside, which told me it was our Thornberry™ Crab.

Thornberry™ Crab is the trade name given by Greenmantle Nursery to the variety Etter 16-32, developed by Albert Etter but never patented.  As you can see they are a small apple and the one in the photo was a little bit overdone, but not bad none the less.  It had a berry, “fruity” flavor and was decently crisp and juicy.  Some will ripen much earlier in the year that are not nearly as good. 

Albert Etter spent some effort developing red-fleshed apples, and this one has a translucent, pinkish hue.  I don’t know if I’d grow it just for the unusual pink flesh, as flavor is my top priority.  But it’s a decent apple none the less and if you have room for it would be a nice addition to your collection; it would be striking in fruit salads.

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