Sierra Beauty

After what seemed like an awfully long wait, Sierra Beauty apples are starting to fall off the tree.  I’ve been sampling the since October, with the results being a sour, green starchy flesh that told me it wasn’t even close to ready.  But this apple I sampled made my eyes pop with a rich combination of sweet tartness that is a bit extreme on both ends of the scale.  Crisp and juicy, it should satisfy those who prefer apples that bite back.

There’s lots to like about this apple, not the least it bears heavily and early in it’s lifetime.  The tree has a compact habit, and holds the apples well until ripe.  This is a California native of sorts, originating in the mountains above Chico around the turn of the century.  I’m glad to add it to our favorites list, as it does quite well in the warm winters and hot summers of Southern California.


One Response

  1. Kevin, A great review for a long neglected apple. I confirm your comment about both extremes sweet and tart. I find Sierra Beauties flavor both refreshing and intense. A great late season variety that needs to be planted in more areas than just the gold country.


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