Well, yesterday I was revelling in the signs of all around here, but today I was smacked bythe sight of the Florida Prince peach is starting to blossom.  The apples will have a fall and winter blossom here and there but won’t do much of anything, but I’m afraid the peach is the real thing.  It will ripen in late April, usually before we’ve had some heat to sweeten it up.  Despite lack of chill (we’ve had only about10 hours so far) it explodes in fruit that I struggle to thin in time, as I’m usually messing with apple grafting.

Late summer heat incinerates the leaves, which turn a sickly yellow and shrivel up.  But it always recovers the next year and after fruiting puts out a burst of foilage that I have to hack back every summer or it will drastically exceed the tiny spact I allotted it.  I wish all peaches acted like this instead of being the bug-ridden disease-infested squishy-fruited chilling-hour monkeys they usually are…


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  1. This is way cool! Thanks for the post! 🙂
    There are some california native plants that behave the same way. Ribes indecorum is a native SoCal gooseberry bush that goes summer deciduous, and pushes out flowers and foliage on the first rains in the late Fall/early Winter. The gooseberries ripen in the late spring before the plant goes deciduous (June thru late October). The berries are edible and sweet (not bitter/sour) and taste a little bit like Thompson seedless grapes. However, the birds usually get to them first.

    Let me know if you find any other fruit trees that are this easy and drought tolerant.

    And I am most definitely encouraged by seeing apple trees that know how to hunker down like the oaks.

  2. It’s Flordaprince.

  3. Damo is of course quite right; running words together seems to be a horticulture quirk, such as GoldRush and the new University of Minnesota release, SweeTango.

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