I know some of you back East are going to snicker, but it rained this weekend, which is a big deal for us.  We haven’t really had a good soaking since April, and it’s enough for me to pause and stare out the window at the wonder of it.  The above photo is some soggy Terry Winter apples superimposed against my neighbor’s Valencia Orange, and streaks of rain in the background.

I mean, water just falls out of the sky!  You don’t have to pump it or carry it, you can drink it without treating it, and you don’t have to worry about salt content or if it will corrode your pipes.  It falls everywhere watering everything, and you don’t even have to run drip tubing or worry how you’re going to irrigate. 

On the other hand, it really makes a mess here as we’re not accustomed to it.  If you drive through certain parts of town tomorrow you’ll see a bunch of blue tarps on roofs that need repairing.  We’re also used to leaving stuff out for months with no worries that is now soaked and ruined, and there’s mud and flooding everywhere.  We’ll get breathless TV news anchors reporting on STORMWATCH 2009 with ominous graphics, and some reporter will find a car stalled out in a flooded underpass somewhere and do a report on the terrible conditions.  After the shoot is done a city worker will wade in and pull the debris off the storm drain grate and the water will disappear again and the car will be towed off.

But on the other hand the clouds will clear out next week and we’ll get a glorious view of blue sky and snowcapped mountains as a backdrop to blossoming orange groves.  We can go play in the snow, ice, and misery until our heart’s content and then drive home and watch the ice melt off the car in the driveway while we BBQ in our shorts.  Winter is not a bad time to be growing apples and oranges here.


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  1. Where I live, wildfires are essentially theoretical. Ditto earthquakes.

    You dole out water resources like survivors in a life boat. What we call a drought–well, you’d double over with laughter.

    So I should snicker because you are not used to a little rain?

    Nice photo.

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