GoldRush is constantly mentioned as one of the best-tasting and best-keeping apples for the home grower today.  We tried it here in Southern California and it was precocious (bore early in its lifetime) and very productive, the tiny tree producing a nice bundle of apples. 

In colder climates it is famous for being battery-acid tart until fully ripe, when it becomes delightfully tart-sweet, and the flavor only improves in storage.  But our climate seems to rob it of all the tartness, leaving only pleasant sweetness, reminiscent of a good Fuji.   Indeed, it was very crisp and juicy, and if I didn’t see the classic “old gold” of the peel, I would think that I was eating Fuji. 

A product of the Purdue, Rutgers, and University of Illinois breeding program, GoldRush is very resistant to scab and a good choice for those who have disease problems growing Fuji.  I’m sad it doesn’t have the same “bite” as in other climates, but it is a worthy apple none the less.  Train the tree so that it shades the fruit, as it is prone to sunburn.  It ripens in the second week of December in these here parts.


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