Big Apple

Big AppleThis 150 year old monster big apple tree is over by the stables at Yosemite National Park.  Easterners are probably used to seeing apple trees this size, but out here this is a honking big tree.  From what I found on the ground I think it was Rome Beauty.

The Park Service is at a quandry about what to do with these trees.  They consider them non-native exotics, and usually would remove them from the Park.  On the other hand, they are more historic than the Ahwanee Hotel and pre-date it by decades.  They are one of the oldest artifacts from the Pioneers in the Park, and so they still tolerate them.  However they do consider them an unnatural food source for bears, and so enlist a small army of volunteers in August to pick the apples off so they don’t attract bears in the fall.

I would argue this point, but just to my right there was a bear up in the neighboring apple tree feeding his face with apples, and we beat a hasty retreat.


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