PBS recently had a program based on Michael Pollan’s book The Botany of Desire, A Plant’s –Eye View of the World.  It was beautifully photographed and had interviews with some true apple geeks, and consisted of four segments.  I was of course interested in the apple segment of it. 

Pollan marvels how brilliantly plants have adapted to changing environments, cleverly getting animals and humans to do their will.  Aside from my annoyance at Pollan’s assumption of the apple’s relegation to a cold climate, it was obvious what happens to someone’s outlook on nature when he willfully ignores the finger of God in all creation.  All of a sudden it is nature that is all-powerful, all-knowing, exceedingly wise.  Nature and chance is how the world we know came about being, not the Living God divinely creating it as an environment to nurture Man and to display His creativity and power through. 

 In fact, a person who rejects God and instead embraces Nature and chance attributes these with all the attributes of God; nothing is too hard, nothing is too complex for Nature and chance to create; the main difference is that he is not accountable to Nature and chance, and can do whatever he thinks right in his own eyes.  A man is a fool to look at an apple seed with systems and processes far, far more complex than man could ever design or even dream of, and attribute this to blind chance rather than the divine design of God.  This is paganism to replace the true and living God with a false and impotent god of your own imagination, which only leads to folly.


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