Apple Dormancy Myths

Elementary Fuji

Gardening books and other authoritative sources tell us that apples need a certain period of cold weather and dormancy to fruit, as this re-sets the tree’s internal clock; warm climates are therefore unsuitable for growing apples since they will never get their clocks reset.

This Fuji apple and a Pink Lady just outside the photo are in front of an elementary school I drive by everyday.  They are evergreen; they never do lose their leaves and go dormant over the winter.  The new leaves in the spring  just push out the old leaves and blossoms will appear among the fully-leafed tree.  So much for the dormancy theory.

As you can see, it doesn’t hurt the productivity any, and the Pink Lady is just as loaded.  These trees don’t get a lot of love by the way, they just do this by themselves; its not like the school is putting some secret potion on them or some special culture method.  They just get watered by the automatic sprinklers and the drops raked up occasionally.  Makes you wonder what other myths we just accept instead of actually trying to see if it is indeed true.

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