PristineWe harvested our first Pristine apple, a scab-resistant variety from the Purdue, Rutgers, University of Illinois (PRI) breeding program.  When they can they try to have the letters “P-R-I” in the name somewhere, like Williams PRIde, EnterPRIse, etc.

Despite our heat it showed no signs of sun damage, and was crisp, tender, and juicy, with a nice sweet-tart balance that kept your interest. a welcome change compared to the sweet but boring Gala ripening right next to it.  The M26 rootstock tree had a lot of blind wood on it, and so we’ll be grafting it onto a more vigorous rootstock like M7 to try and fix this, plus we’ll be wanting a lot more of these apples.

Our license for this patented variety is stricly for testing only, and we are not allowed to propagate it for sale.  But don’t despair, Raintree Nursery will be happy to sell you Pristine trees.  We’ll be adding this to our “favorites” list at


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  1. Thanks for the review. I’m a 1st time backyard apple grower in MD looking for the best 2 varieties to start with. I’m pretty sure I’m going to go with Pristine (from Raintree). Now I just need a good red apple to cross pollinate.

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