Warm Climate Apples

Applemix 8.13.09A view of the apples on the Belgian fence shows why I’m grateful that I went this route instead of putting in a redwood fence like I was planning on .  The apples turned out to be way cheaper, and of course we get apples!  There is just one wire at the top that supports the whole thing, and it gets stronger every year (and self-healing from damage).

2 Responses

  1. This is beautiful!

    When you graft the branches of different varieties together on your Belgian fence do you have the problem of a vigorous tree dominating the others, as happens in multiple-graft trees? Or are they independent because each has its own rootstock?

    • Each “V” of the Belgian fence is one variety on it’s own rootstock. Multi-grafts do not do well here, as you surmise one variety dominates the others (and if Anna is one of those, none of the others has a chance).

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