Goodbye for Now

Anna Dorsett

One last look at a couple of great apples- Anna and Dorsett Golden.  We picked the last of them this weekend, and they were heavenly.  The photo doesn’t do them justice either, as these two were humongous.   If all the apples of the world performed like these two do, nobody would be hungry. 

We’ll just have to wait now until either Williams’ Pride, Gala, or Hawaii ripens up.  The Nittany tree is loaded, and I sure hope it’s as good as it was last year; if so, we’ll have a wonderful newcomer to our Warm Climate Apple List.


3 Responses

  1. I have been wandering around your site for third time, having originally come to look at Teardrops. The two apples in this posting have emerged as my best choices and they look like real winners. I have a 15+ year old Ein Shimmer and while it has been extremely prolific, I have experienced all of the issues that cause you to reject it. I will be contacting you in the near future to see about converting the tree to either Anna or Dorset

  2. Paul:

    A wise choice; however, I’d just rip out the Ein Shemer and plant a new Dorsett Golden or Anna instead of trying to graft on an older tree. They grow so fast you’ll be having apples in no time, and you can train them the way you want.

  3. For me for some reason my Golden Dorsett is doing a lot better than my Anna. The Anna has been dropping apples. I got the trees at Home Deport in January and I think it may just be that the roots didn’t get established well enough yet. I know someone will probably say you’re supposed to pinch off the buds the first year, but I just couldn’t wait.

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