Apples in Southern France

French ApplesThese beautiful apples are from the catalog of French landscape architect Cochet Frederic.  I was referred to his site from a hopeful warm-climate apple grower in Sicily.  It seems that folks in Southern France, who’s climate is remarkably similar to Southern California, want to grow apples.  And why not?  Continental Europe has a fine tradition of apple growing with thousands of varieties.  Surely some of them will produce outstanding fruit in the low-chill climate of Southern France, just as some do here in Southern California. 

Gee; it would seem this calls for a “fact-finding” trip to Southern France, as well as the Tuscany region of Italy and Sicily, don’t you think?  Yes, it will be a rough trip, but no sacrifice is too great for my craft. 

To see the catalog for yourself, click on


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