First Apple of the Season

First DorsettFound the first apple of the season on the ground this morning, off the Dorsett Golden tree.  It’s odd that this tree is ripening first, as Anna usually beats it by about two weeks; but this year it appears two weeks behind.

The Dorsett was sweet, crisp, tender, and a bit coarse.  It tasted a bit “green” and could have used another week on the tree, but was still good enough to make me want to eat half of it.  The creamy yellow flesh had a nice aroma even a bit green.  Thinning them out a little harder definately helped the size, and the tree is loaded.  Its a bit weird to be picking apples about the same time the first of the nectarines are ripening, as well as the blackberries. 

This starts our apple season out, and it will continue until the end of February when I pick the last of the Lady Williams.


One Response

  1. Kevin, that gorgeous photo makes my mouth lonesome for an apple that grew where I live, one that has not spent most of its life in a controlled atmosphere.

    Unfortunately for me, in my part of the world (New England) the earliest apples don’t ripen for nearly two more months!

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