Baby Apple Trees

SeedlingsThis is a tray of apple trees sprouted from seed, Pink Lady to be exact.  Usually apple seeds need a period of damp refrigeration to sprout, but Pink Lady has the odd habit of sprouting inside the apple after sitting a while. 

I’m raising these to bud graft for some applications where I need a vigorous, rugged tree.  Some are going up to a Boy Scout camp in the mountains, some are going to a friend’s field, and some may end up going to Africa.  I’m experimenting with seedlings in an attempt to produce apple trees in the “off” season, as in Africa the planting season is dictated by the long rains, which differ all over the continent. 

I can buy seedling rootstock that’s already 3/8″ caliper quite cheaply, but its only available in a dormant stage.  Next year I may try sprouting seed in January in order to bud graft by May and send overseas by September.  Just another way to play with apple trees.


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  1. I’m growing apple trees from seeds as well and they look just like yours. Good luck with yours. 🙂

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