Annoyingly Productive

Lord Lamborne

With some apple varieties, you hope you’ll get something each year.  With others, you wish it would quit already.  This is Lord Lamborne, an English apple popular with backyard gardeners.  You can tell why; the branches explode in blossoms and each blossom sets a fruit.  This is annoying to the commercial grower, because it means he either has to thin these all by hand to one per cluster, or spray a chemical to make it self-thin.  Either way it is an expense to him.

If you don’t thin, the tree can revert to Bi-Annualism.  This is when the tree overbears one year, producing a large crop of tiny apples.  The next year it is so tired out that it produces almost nothing.  And of course, the following year after that it’s all rested up and produces a huge crop of tiny apples, etc. 

The way to avert this is to thin savagely.  It is dismaying to some to see all the tiny apples at your feet, but it is really the best for the tree; you’ll end up harvesting more pounds of apples this way than if you left all the tiny apples on.

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