Lady Williams


All our trees are bare of leaves now exept for one conspicuous standout; Lady Williams. Bred as an offspring of Granny Smith in Australia in 1935, Lady Williams also has a famous offspring; Cripp’s Pink aka Pink Lady.

There are still a half-dozen deep red apples with a distinctive white vertical stripe on one side hanging on the tree. If you pick them before they’re fully ripe, they are very tart, but still flavorful. But if you are very, very patient you will be rewarded with a nice sweet/tart combination that you can enjoy in February. So far it has outproduced Pink Lady here and joined our “Favorites” list as a great apple to grow in Southern California.


3 Responses

  1. This apple is in no way related to Granny Smith, Lady Williams was bred in West Australia and GS in New South Wales.

  2. Thanks Damo:

    The reference I used for this was the NSW Department of Primary Industires at

    How a Granny Smith would have gotten to Boronia Farm in Donnybrook, I cannot tell you; however, since Granny Smith dates from 1868 and Lady Williams from 1935, it may be entirely possible that Boronia may have had Granny Smith trees planted there by then.

  3. Hi I have just eaten my first “pink Lady” and I can unquestionably taste Granny smith in it.
    ka kite ano
    Joie NZ

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