Apple Trees Going Fast


Above: 1 season’s growth of benchgrafts in pots

Last year we were about ready to hang up the apple nursery business, as it didn’t seem worth the effort or expense necessary to carry 100 varieties of apples and sell to individuals.  But this year we decided to give it one more shot and raised the shipping price and instituted a 10-tree minimum, and let the public vote with their pocketbook.

Well, its only January 3rd but just from pre-orders we’re already sold out of M7 and Bud 9 rootstocks, and only have about 200 M111 and 70 seedling rootstocks left.  I guess that’s a resounding WE WANT APPLES from the pome-starved folks in warm climates.  And so I’m to be sequestered another year in the basement grafting my heart out.  But at least we’ll break even this year, and hopefully find more efficiencies so that I’m able to increase our yearly output to accommodate all the folks that didn’t order early enough.


One Response

  1. Hi Kevin,

    Well, I didn’t order from you this year, but I have 13 of your trees growing in my yard, (they are still babies) and I am ever so grateful! You have been a pleasure to deal with, and super helpful and informative, and I love having these wonderful and interesting and historic apples. I am sorry it has been so much work, and maybe not worth it, but you and your apple info have been immensely valuable to me!! So thank you for all your hard work!!

    Lauri Bollinger in El Cajon, CA

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