Apples in Uganda

If this apple researcher looks happy, its because he’s in Uganda, not far from the equator.  They’ve been growing apples there since 2005, and farmers have been lifting themselves out of poverty and sending their kids to university from the income apples have brought to this highland area.

So far they have been growing Rome Beauty, Winter Banana, Anna, and Dorsett Golden.  I sent them a letter with my recommendations and will send them whatever scionwood they request, as I think they could do a lot better with longer-keeping varieties that will still fruit in their climate.  We’re doing the same thing with growers in Rwanda. 

The demand is high for apples in the tropics, but the price is out of reach for most people.  We hope to add to their subsistance to start with, and to their income in the long run.  This is a great frontier for us.


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