Apple Hill

While in Placerville last week we stopped at a ranch in an area called “Apple Hill”, a collection of orchards and shops on the outskirts of town.  They have an array of craft vendors and food such as cider shakes, kettle corn and fudge, plus lots of apples.

We were there mid-season, and they had Stayman (still way too green), Golden Delicious (still a bit green), Jonagold (a little too ripe) and Empire (just right).  Against my better judgement I tried some of the Red Delicious.  They were poorly colored and I hoped that they were the old-fashioned Delicious that was just mislabeled, but alas they were indeed the inferior Red Delicious that were insipid and mealy.  We dumped the rest of them in the trash.

I bought a box of apples labeled “Pippin” in hopes that they are Yellow Newtown Pippin, and the green apples with a russet cap fit the description.  I put them down in the basement refrigerator and will test them around Thanksgiving.  If they have improved dramatically, they are indeed the Yellow Newtown (sometimes called Arbermale Pippin).  If they degrade in storage, it means I’ll have to keep looking. 

The apples were cheap, about $1.19 a pound.  I guess they are more common there, as fresh apples off the tree would command top price here locally.  After driving 500 miles, I wish the quality was a bit better.


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