Rescue Crabapple


Rescue Crabapple is a study in amazing adaptability; it hails from the prairies and is considered hardy to USDA Zone 2 (40 to 50 degrees below zero) and yet fruits just fine here in Zone 10a.  I couldn’t find much background information on it, other than on its own roots it gets huge and is occasionally grafted onto Dolgo rootstock.  It bursts forth with cascades of white flowers in the spring and bears grape-like clusters of pretty pink and yellow fruit.  The apples are sweet without a bit of the usual crab-like tang, and are best enjoyed not quite ripe, as they can be mushy.  Like most crabs it bears reliable crops here and is tested OK for Southern California.


4 Responses

  1. Just planted one of these today, in Prince George, British Columbia. We’re about a zone 3b (perhaps 4a if you push it). Lots of people grow these here, as well as in my hometown of Calgary (also in the zone 3 range). Great crabapples. It’s interesting that they also grow in So. Cal.

  2. We’ve found that the apples that do well in the far North also do well here in Southern California; Wealthy is wonderful here and is also popular for growing in the tropics.

    We were surprised to find out that the far North doesn’t always get a lot of chilling hours; it is either below freezing or springtime, and long periods between 32 and 45 are rare, as are late frosts. Apples adapted to this climate would naturally do well in our low-chill climate.

  3. I found your website on Yahoo and i like your content.

    • Thanks Zivljenjsko! What country are you in?


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