For the second year in a row and despits a savage borer attack, Melrose was quite decent for us, which puts it on our “Great for Southern California list. 

My description from the apple list page is: “Ohio, 1944  The official state apple of Ohio.  A reddish colored apple speckled with tan spots that has a slight green to yellowish background. With a white flesh that is crisp textured, the Melrose provides a sweet but slightly tart flavor. It is a good eating apple and works well as a fresh apple in salads, pies and applesauce. Raccoons stole two off our tree, which is usually a good sign as they’re quite the picky connoisseur here.  Ripens late September through October.”

A crisp, sweet, dense, spicy apple that holds up to the heat; what more could you ask?  OK, you could ask for some beauty, as the apple is dog-ugly, but we’re all about taste here, and biting into one of these makes you forget the ugly exterior. 


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