If it seems there’s been a lag between apple posts, its been because I’ve had a distraction going on.  I actually have a profitable hobby selling plans for teardrop camping trailers (which I neglect for my unprofitable hobby of messing with apples).  I’m putting the finishing touches on my third model, a replica of a 1954 Benroy trailer, originally built by Bennet Petersen in Glendale, California.  I will now use this prototype to draw a detailed set of plans and narrative on how to build your own teardrop.  We’ve sold thousands of plans all over the world for our other two models, the Cubby and the Comet.

Before you decide this is something you’d like to build, I should warn you that even with our detailed plans, it is no easy beginner project; in fact, it was the toughest of the three teardrops I’ve built.  But its classic lines and style are extremely popular and we already have had many inquiries about when it will be complete.  Bennet Petersen is still alive and we’re taking it up to see him at the end of the month, and the plans should be ready by next spring.  And no, the prototype is not for sale (sorry).

You can see the plans for our other models at www.kuffelcreek.com


One Response

  1. Kevin,

    The trailer looks great.

    Your two baby trees that we are attempting to raise are doing quite well in their first season at the homestead.


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