Gala did pretty good this year.  Last year it was a fireblight magnet and only set a couple hard, characterless apples.  This year had a bumper crop for a 3-year-old tree, and I’m enjoying the apples.  They’re still a bit green as shown by the white areas still on the seeds (a ripe apple has dark brown seeds), but it is very sweet and juicy.  If there are enough apples on a tree I’ll start sampling before they’re ripe and then check every few days to see when the optimum time is to pick, whether, green, ripe, completely ripe, or after months in storage. 

Gala has a reputation of being a quality apple no matter where it’s grown, and I’m happy to say that applies to Southern California.  Just be wary of wilting branch tips during fireblight season and prune it out agressively, and it should be OK.  It is a nice “filler” apple for the season between Williams’ Pride and Gravenstein, with Hawaii right behind it.


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