Anna in So. California

I received an email from a lady in Pennsylvania who used to live in Southern California.  She remembered visiting an Old Man (didn’t get his name) who was a bit of an essentric about water quality, and goes on:

“And his other great interest was apples. He had spent much time trying to find an apple which could be grown in Southern California. He explained ll the difficulties of such an endeavor and getting good apples crops here. Now my grandfather was a Midwest grocer and my Mom a Midwest-raised apple lover ( who maintains to this day, as do I, that the best apple in existence is the Maiden Blush which was originally created around Philadelphia about 1851. If you make applesauce with MB, you only have to put 1/2 as much sugar in, they are so naturally sweet) anyway, back to apples :), , so the Old Man caught my interest. He explained how after much research, he was the first person to bring the Anna Apple to SoCal and grow apples from it. He had imported them from from Israel. I always remembered that trivia because someday, I had planned to plant an Anna orchard in my place when we bought a house in SoCal. But now we are out here in western PA where it is too cold for Anna. The Old Man is dead now. Even the house was raised to make room for office buildings. I always wondered what became of any Anna apple trees he might have had in his backyard. Did they keep them as landscaping for the office buildings or just plow them up as “in the way”? We never saw his backyard so never knew if he had any on his property or if he had planted them somewhere else. Funny, the things we remember from so many years ago.

Best Regards, Karen”

His story is entirely probable.  I’m trying to find out more of the history of the development of Anna in Israel, and will post it if I do.


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