Carolina Red June


The tree above is Carolina Red June, a treasured early apple for subsistence farmers in the South to replace their depleted stock of winter keepers.  It was valuable as the color was good enough to market it, the flavor and texture were good for a summer apple, and it was productive, as you can see by this 2-year old tree. 

However, in our hot spring it never gets beyond bland and mushy.  Too bad, as its really a pretty apple and fills a gap in ripening between Dorsett Golden and Hawaii.  Anna, our first-ripening apple, is far superior as to taste, size, and texture.  So what do I do with it?  I’m afraid I have no need for a pretty, productive apple that has poor quality.  I tried picking them greener, and they’re just as bad.  I’m afraid I will need to graft something on to the trunk and lop the rest of the top off this winter and keep searching for a superior early apple.


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  1. this was mainly a cooking and Cider apple here in North Carolina it has a good taste almost a little spicy in flavor. have eaten them for years as a child not fancy but good for drying for fried apple pies

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