Apples and Oranges Novel

So some of you are off for summer vacation and want to read a great novel that has apples and oranges in it.  Well, you’ve come to the right place! 

Eyes of the World was written by Harold Bell Wright in 1914.  It takes place in a cottage among the orange groves in Redlands and in an abandoned apple orchard in Forest Falls in the San Bernardino mountains.  The sweet heroine packs a revolver in the mountain settings and ain’t afraid to use it, endearing her to my heart.

Wright was a minister who retired to write novels, as he felt he could better reach the world with the Gospel through his writing than his preaching.  He chose wisely, as his novels were a smash hit, and Shephard of the Hills was made into a movie starring John Wayne.

Finally, Wright wrote The Winning of Barbara Worth, the best Civil Engineering novel I’ve read (OK, the only Civil Engineering novel I’ve read).  It follows the series of events that accidentally created the Salton Sea in the desert of California.

Click on the links to download any of these books for free (it downloads really fast).  I warn you they are all very good and once you start, you won’t be able to put them down.  These novels were written in a more civilized time, when California was just coming of age.  I wish I could have been there; and Harold Bell Wright’s novels almost take you back.




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