He’s Got the Bug Bad

A coworker has officially gotten the apple bug; he bought a cider press and is pulling out a bunch of grass out back to plant more apple trees.

Here in Southern California you’re not going to find a second-hand cider press at the flea market, and there aren’t any in the paper either.  The only way to get one is to buy it new, which is a serious proposition; the double-tub beauty above is close to $1,000 with tax and shipping from Kansas.  And of course, he doesn’t want to just leave it out sitting in the weather, so he’s building a cider pressing shed to house it.

And of course, once you have the cider pressing shed, you need to plant more apples to justify having it, and so he’s already hit me up for a bunch of Arkansas Black trees in the spring (they achieve good quality here and fetch top price). 

Now I’m all for pulling out all that silly grass you have out back that is just using up water and making you mow it every week.  And apple trees are a wonderful replacement that will actually give back something, and are also very little trouble to take care of.

I have a press also, so that makes two in this city, a fact we should herald on the city website somewhere.  I suggested he mount his press on a trailer so he can have a side business driving around pressing other people’s apples for them.  Looks like other folks are just going to have to get their own press …


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