Sometimes I like to imagine the different apple varieties next to each other in friendly competition.  If so, then this Braeburn tree would be an over-achiever.  Perhaps it knows I am considering replacing it if it does not improve on how it did last year (either rotted on the tree or was bland). 

It doesn’t matter how many blossoms it sets on this branch tip, as the tip can only support a couple apples and I will pick the rest off.  Commercial nurseries will use a thinning spray for this, but I have to do it manually.  I’d hate to have to do it on a large tree, as it is enough trouble thinning my Belgian Fence trees where I can get right up to them. 

Some times we’re so worried about pollination, but I’d be just as happy if only a few flowers on this branch tip got pollinated, as it would make less work.  There’s a lesson in here somewhere, I just haven’t figured it out yet.


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  1. I suspect this tree knows what you’re considering. That comment reminds me of a funny report I heard once, about how some “rose fanciers” (yes, that’s a real term…people who fanatically grow roses) will lay a spade down on top of the soil next to an underperforming rose bush. This is intended to be a threat to the rose, telling it to shape up, and start blooming.

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