Mountain Apple Blossoms







Here in the lowlands the sleepy-head trees slowly wake out of their slumber, opening the blossoms a few at a time at a leisurely pace.  It may take them months to completely blossom, but they get around to it eventually.

But up in the mountains, the trees explode with blossoms, putting on a show of pinkish-white cotton candy and bright green leaves.  It is worth the drive up to Oak Glen or Crestline to see them.  The Granny Smith have already opened up but the Rome Beauties and Winesaps should be going by now.

For Oak Glen, I recommend the Wildlands Conservancy’s Oak Knoll Park at Los Rios Rancho.  Take a walk down their nature trails past the orchard to the pond, and you’ll see the first photo above.

If you’re up there on a Saturday, head over to Riley’s Farm for lunch at the Hawk’s Head Tavern and order the chicken pot pie with the caramel-coated apple dumpling for dessert (keep in mind they’re closed Sundays). 

In Crestline, drive down Dart Canyon Road from the lake; the trees are about 1/4 mile in (second photo above).  Stop on your way out at the crest at the Loose Caboose Cafe and have their sweet potato fries.  While you’re waiting for your food check out the On The Mountain magazine in the newsracks and read my article on Red Delicious.

What a perfect day!



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