Blossom Fest

The Riverside Flower Show & Garden Tours is this weekend, and above is my entry.  I was thinking of adding orange blossoms to it also, but they peaked out last weekend.  I got the usual questions like “did you bring these down from Oak Glen? (a mountainous apple-growing area nearby).  I assured them, no, they’re grown a couple blocks from the parent Washington Navel Orange Tree.  Then they asked the variety of blossoms, and I replied “Royal Limbertwig, Thornberry Crab, Lord Lamborne, Rome Beauty, Dixie Red Delight, Fuji, and and Washington Strawberry”.  I get a puzzled stare from the nice lady, who only recognized Fuji.  They asked if those varieties grow in Riverside, and I tell them all apple varieties will grow in Riverside.  They can’t really argue, as they’re holding a box of apple blossoms, and I can tell they will want to know more by the end of the show.  And I’ll be happy to tell them.


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