The Warm Climate Apple Word is Spreading

Well, I’m having a bad influence all over the southern half of the USA.  This last spring I sent a big bundle of scionwood to Texas and I got a nice email from some folks in the Arizona Chapter of the California Rare Fruit Growers who read this blog (hi guys).

Their sentiments are all the same; they’ve been told that apples won’t grow in their climate, and they’re sick and tired of it and ain’t gonna take it anymore!   I applaud them in their efforts and will include any harvest reports on our website at  If you’re in Arizona and want to get in on the ARFG chapter, their website is


One Response

  1. Hi Kevin!

    Thanks so much for the mention and the link to our site! We really appreciate your advice and encouragement. Right now, we’ve got dozens of cute, little apples on our Anna and Dorsett Golden, and our golden delicious just started blossoming this weekend. Growing the traditional warm climate apples here has been as easy as growing citrus, and we have just started experimenting with heirloom varieties that aren’t supposed to grow here (we’ll see about that!)

    We are enjoying reading your blog and website, and we look forward to sharing our reports with you and your readers throughout the year.

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