Apple Geek


Pixie Crunch

My wife was reading the spring Gurney’s Catalog and she read the description of Pixie Crunch.  It had a photo of Prof. Jules Janick, who developed the variety at Purdue University through the PRI (Purdue, Rutgers, University of Illinois) breeding program.  It sounded good to her, and asked if I’d be interested in trying it.

“OK” I said; “I’ll ask them to send me some scionwood”.  My wife was confused, thinking I meant Gurneys.  “No” I said, “Jules.  Jules Janick, the guy in the photo there”. 

“You know him?” she said.  I pulled up an email from him inviting me to try the favorite PRI varieties, including Pixie Crunch, in our climate in order to test them.  She gave me an amazed look that let me know I had truly achieved “Apple Geek Status”. 

The scionwood arrived in a couple weeks and is now sprouting on rootstocks.  We will know next year if they are worthy of our climate.  And oh, by the way; if you’re reading this blog, you just might be an Apple Geek. 



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