Gentle Reassurance

Our family is going through a difficult time with a health issue.  We’re trusting in God to see us through, and a nagging voice of doubt keeps whispering in our head “your faith is so quaint, but also so primitive.  There is no God; there can be no loving, almighty Being in a spiritual dimension that made this world and promised to save you.  This was just an invention of primitive man to explain things he did not understand.  The “enlightened” (they call themselves Bright now) of us realize this and have cast aside this false hope and realize that mankind is our only hope.”

But then I see the tiny wonders in my garden; a wound on a tree healing itself, a bud forming a new leader after the branch has been pruned, the delicate color of the fur on my cat’s face, like it was painted with a paintbrush with several colors on each hair.  No, this was no accident; this is the handiwork of an infinately creative designer who puts such thought and detail into every tiny piece of nature, from the ant carrying a twig to the aphid that is on the roses.  I’m a construction project manager and I know the herculean effort needed to plan just a simple thing like adding a bathroom to a structure.  These things just don’t happen by themselves (I wish they did).  I know design when I see it.

“You silly, superstitious fool” the voice continues.  “These things you see are just the result of chance, evolved over billions of years.  The chance arrangement of proteins and amino acids that your puny mind has not begun to understand, and so you attribute it to some god.”

Oh really?  It sounds to me this “chance” of yours has all the attributes of a god; it has infinately creative powers and shapes and molds the universe.  “Chance” is capable of the most difficult quandries and the answer to every problem.  And when you get down to it, the only difference between my true and living God and “Chance” is that you’re not accountable to “Chance”, and can live and do as you please, for “Chance” will not judge you.  This sounds to me like a poor substitute and I will keep my faith in the true and living God.


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