Guest Workers

The aphids arrived two weeks ago, and my guest workers arrived this week to help take care of them.  I also have workers, hundreds of them, pollinating the opening blossoms.  God sent these workers, and they’re very efficient and work for food.  Good thing too, as if I had to pay wages for their services, I’d go broke.

The ladybugs come in both adult form and larve stage, resembling little black and orange alligators.  Soon the praying mantis will hatch, populating the trees with itty bitty little versions that will soon grow up and stake out the same tree most of the season.  Paper wasps keep a lookout for tiny caterpillars, and crows and skunks dig through the mulch out front looking for those big June Bug grubs.  Our cat does a pretty good job of catching grasshoppers (they make great toys) and the lizards eat whatever insect makes it to the ground.  All in all a pretty good crew.


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